Dami Ayoola
Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O)

He holds a Business Information Systems degree from the Midlands, UK. Dami joined Peace Advantage in 2015 having spent the previous 10 years in the Nigerian Petroleum industry starting and developing various new businesses.

He started up and worked with Abinitio Energy Limited, a start up logistic company focused on providing services to services to the government run distribution chain for white petroleum products. As a manager in charge of logistics, he coordinated both government officials and local entrepreneurs from top down the chain.

Dami also spent years working at Prime Atlantic Limited, an oil servicing company with several subsidiaries. He held the position of Business Development Manager firstly within the holding company before going on to be business development manager for the new instrumentation business. This business he grew from start to a thriving business while being in charge of operations and marketing.